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Case study


The Challenge

The aspiration was to create a rooftop space for people & nature to co-habit. There would be panoramic views across the London skyline, combining biodiversity features such as green roofs & mini-orchards with water attenuation schemes through the paved area to provide irrigation, water storage & drainage. With public access, there would be events spaces for yoga and meditation.

The original design called for a permeable pavement to be constructed on the roofs, using the voided sub-base to counteract the levels created by the pitched roofs.

All of the materials would have to be craned to the roof near completion of the project.

Ikea Greenwich.jpg

The Solution

Olyi Ltd's experience with water management & roofing enabled us to assist with the design of the roof to provide suitable SUDs system, fulfil the design brief & source products through our extensive knowledge of the landscaping industry, which enhanced the solution.

We liaised with experts such as, Bridgman & Bridgman for Elevated Landscapes, City Roofscapes for professional paving installations & Zoontjens for their 50 years of extensive rooftop product experience.

The solution, reduced the number of crane movements, increased the storage capacity on the roof & provided all the desired amenity within the design parameters.

Ikea Roofscape_edited.jpg

Work with us

If you have a challenge you want our help with or would like to know more about our projects please get in touch with us at today.

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