• Matthew Hoddinott

The Path of Opportunity

This view offers me clarity for insights to occur. In my business, Olyi Ltd, we specialise in creating space for individuals and businesses to have clarity on their destination and a route map as to the journey.

Throughout lockdown I have been running and walking out here. I come down through a magical poppy field, dawn on the horizon, across a little wooden bridge and there it is. A wonderful wheat field with an enchanted path, leading to an inspiring dawn, directly through the middle. The wheat has turned from small green wisps, to larger flowing blades and finally billowing golden yellow stems.

To me, this point at the edge of the bridge is a choice point. There are some who believe there is no choice, it just happens but I’ve yet to clearly subscribe to that. My choice here, is that I have 3 directions to go in, left, right or straight ahead. Each will have a significantly different journey, a different experience, but all with the same destination. I don’t decide before I get there, I decide based on how I feel when I get there, tired, invigorated, pushed for time, etc. But I’m always open to the choice or opportunity.

And then, all of a sudden, one day, one of the paths is taken away. The opportunity, as a choice, has gone. That third experience is no longer available. The harvest has come, the path disappeared and the opportunity banished to the realm of imagination and what-ifs.

And this is life, as I view it today. Our whole day is one of choice, from how we prepare ourselves in the first few waking moments to how reflect as day turns to night. Each path or choice is one of opportunity, positive or negative, but it is up to us to decide.

Route, obstacles and hurdles will be put in the way of the path, but our choice is how we show up, deal with them and let the present impact upon our future. For the present is all we really have any influence on ( I deliberately didn’t use the word “control”).

So in essence,

  • Remain open to choice and opportunity.

  • Decide with your heart and your intuition (gut feeling)

  • Remember, that if we don’t decide, the choice will be taken from us

  • Create clarity in your life (business or personal) which will enable you to recognise when an opportunity is before you.

  • The opportunity may not “succeed” as you anticipated, but it will always stand you in good stead for your future endeavors.

  • Don’t let the path of opportunity disappear without a decision. The wrong decision is often better than no decision at all.

At Olyi LTD, We specialise in creating that space for you, your colleagues & teammates, and your business, to experience clarity. Get in touch so that we can explore the paths before you, together. 

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