• Matthew Hoddinott

Clarity Creates Calmness

That incessant chitter-chatter that you hear in your head, the constant chatting to yourself, ticking off to-do lists and telling yourself to focus.

A story that all to many of us are familiar with, the white noise of our daily routine!!

Left alone with our “noise” it often has the capacity to drown out our focus, raise our stress levels and encourage us to do a variety of things, such as multi-task for ”efficiency”, chide oneself (or others) for casual mistakes; articulate ourselves badly or with a lack of respect to our colleagues.

The list could be endless. It isn’t easy with the instantaneous world of modern technology, social media and 24/7 availability, to be able to calm the “noise” and focus for productivity. We subsequently search for endless ways of switching off briefly with the beautiful catchphrase “if I can just have xxxx, then I’ll be y”


5 minutes silence,


some time alone,

no phone ringing,

2 seconds to myself, and a myriad more, into xxx.

And insert happy, calm, finished, pleased etc, into y.

The truth is, like with so many to do lists and productivity tools, it’s simply not true. It doesn’t take away the noise as we move swiftly onto the next item. Checking our social media account, our email ping and making a cup of coffee as we go.

What does make a difference, however, is CLARITY. The beautiful effect of being able to empty your mind of chatter and focus on the one item which is important in the moment. The one item who’s time and place is NOW.

Michael Neill, the internationally renowned transformative coach, explains in his book, The Inside Out Revolution, about the process of thought, describing it like a rev counter in a car; with a few thoughts per minute going through your mind, all is calm. Reaching levels of 100/minute, and the butterflies start to fly in your stomach. 200 per minute is really becoming stressful and 300 per minute is and explosion waiting to happen. Some of the description is interpretation but the meaning is clear.

All of our stress, white noise, call it what you will is created on the periphery of any of the tasks you have to do. For example, It isn’t your invoicing that’s causing you stress, it’s your thought around what else you need to do, other items on your to do list, projects at home, worries about this and that, this is where the stress is created.

This is just thought. Thought generated reality. And if we can recognise that our thoughts create our own reality, then surely if we can recognise them for what they, we will be able to slow our thoughts down and our reality will become clearer. Turn down the white noise and create beautiful clarity, a space where insight, creativity and focus can be found.

We share this blog on our sister site,, where we discuss mental health awareness, business wellbeing and team performance. over the coming weeks we will explore how to achieve clarity, insight and awareness.

But in the meantime live now and with life's beauty.

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